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thankyou for sharing your story. my dad had a gbm removed a few months ago. He's going ok, but has become depressed. your story about your experience with depression was really helpful...he could relate to it a lot and is getting help. may you stay healty and strong x
Amazing and beautiful Sarah. Bless you and your beautiful family. Sounds like you have found more than what you have lost. I feel so moved as a mother of two girls. Gratitude. What a key! I'll remember that on my grizzly days. Keeping you in my prayers. xo
Hi Sarah I have just looked through your incredible website. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with others. What an inspiration for someone with a brain tumour, or their family member, to find your website, full of honesty and hope.
I have looked at your website with tears in my eyes! Your journey continues to inspire me and is an incredible example of hope, moving through and being 'open' to create a different reality from the one people predicted for you. Keep dancing in the rain, cuz and I hope we can all be together again soon xxx
I had a great laugh imagining you walking along with a bald head and scars saying out loud that you were fucking strong !! Can just imagine the looks on peoples faces. Love your work and your gutsy attitude. <3
You are amazing.I obsessed over your site last night, it left me speechless. Thank you and I will pass it on if you don't mind.
Wow Sarah I just spent some time looking through your web site, it's an amazing read. For a long time now you have inspired all your family and friends and now through your web site you will be able to inspire many people from near and far. Congratulations it's a truly beautiful story that warms your heart and fills your soul. As the quote goes....Hope is one of those things in life you cannot do without. xxx
Sarah - you are hilarious and inspiring! Keep going girl, very proud of you. From a personal perspective, I only wish my knees up didn't stop me from sharing that Kokoda experience! At least I got to see the amazing Cure Brain Cancer address, and how well that 'bodyguard' Oscar protects you... Take care lady - see you soon xx
Sarah i am in complete awe, you are living inspiration. Your site is Fantastic...Your an amazing lady.x.
Sarah, you are wonder woman! Sharing your intimate experience of this condition is going to be incredibly valuable to others. You are amazing! Pat has also done a superb job with the site. X
WOW Sarah, had a quick glance and it looks amazing, love to you all. Xxxx
Sarah it is extraordinary and you are the most inspirational person we know your story is one of true courage and hope
:) so..when's the book? sxo
I hope you don't mind me sharing your website ... X
What a wonderful website Sarah. Your story brings hope alive. Good on you girl!
Hey Sa, your site looks great :) Congrats on an excellent job. It was the first time I've seen your speech and there were some tears :S You really are quite amazing x
Sarah you are bloody amazing, you will no doubt make a huge difference to the many people who are affected by cancer. To hear a positive message from a 'real' person has a massive impact! Thank you for going out of your way to help others!
Can't resist-I love it Sar, such an amazing story xo
Amazing sarah - you made me cry - again - with happiness
Sar I can read your story over and over again. It makes me believe...
How fabulous that you are sharing your amazing story with the world. So many people, including me, have already been lucky enough to have had their lives touched and enriched by your beautiful spirit and I'm thrilled that so many more will now be able to benefit from your story of courage, love and hope. How could anyone not be inspired and encouraged to embrace life and make the most of each moment. I so admire your bravery in sharing your difficult journey so candidly. You have also given so much practical advice to help others with their journey and give them the wonderful gift of hope and self-empowerment. Amazing! x
Wow, utterly fantastic. A triumph Sarah. I can't get enough of your beautifully written story. I devour every word and image.
To my dearest friend, You keep amazing me with the strength that you possess!! You have made your mark on this world, you are a true hero in every sense of the word, you have fought your demons and kicked their demonic butts. Love you honey..
Sarah, I will tell you again, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!! I am sure your website will help and inspire many other people who are suffering. I cried so much reading what you have been through (the depression mainly upsetting me) and especially cried to see photos of you with your gorgeous husband and kids who you were told you would be leaving behind. I cannot bear to imagine being in your shoes back when you were diagnosed. But here you are! You hit the ball out of the park! Good for you. I am in awe. Thanks for sharing your site :)
Wow Sarah - you are the most inspirational woman I have ever known. Your story is breathtaking. I just want to tell everybody that I know this amazing woman that has an amazing husband, children and family and you wouldn't believe what she has been through and achieved. And she was fun, intelligent, friendly and beautiful before all this and now she's even more incredible ! I am so in awe of you. You are my pin up girl. Whenever I need strength and to believe I can get through something that feels too hard or too much for me I just have to think about what you have managed and been through. I feel honored to know you and have worked with you. Thank you for sharing Sarah. Love and hugs .... S xx
Beautiful Sarah This website is simply so wonderful. I am sure you have been told many times what an inspiration you are, but I want to pass on to you here how this has manifested itself in my life. My mother was diagnosed with an aggressive late stage cancer (multiple myeloma) around the same time you were diagnosed with your tumour. She was told she had at the very best a year. I have personally witnessed the power of determination and the amazing strength that comes from family, friends and, most of all, laughter. Mum and I and the rest of my family have traveled a long and difficult journey filled with the most amazing moments of both laughter and tears. Mum passed away on 6th June, and I was honoured to be a part of her journey. Your smile, your kindness and your incredible bravery were often in my mind during those long nights and months with Mum. Thank you for your smile. It went a long way. Much love to you all xxx