My Key Words for Recovery

Gratitude is under rated. It guides who I am. Even when things are crap I'm grateful to have been here to experience them. I am grateful for the time I have been given, I am grateful for my health, I am grateful to my ever-supportive family, I am grateful for my wonderful friends, I am grateful to my doctors and nurses, for the sun on my skin, the laughter of my sons…the list goes on…I am grateful there is something greater than all of us.

This is an email I sent after my 2nd surgery, about 6 weeks after my first diagnosis. Probably still high on steroids and a bit over-excited, but still a personal statement of gratitude to those I love and value.

I thank my medical team for their care, skill and knowledge – so far so good!

Dr Paul Craft: my wise and wonderful medical oncologist
Dr Charlie Teo: my gifted neurosurgeon
Dr Anna Burger: my wonderful oncology psychiatrist
Dr Hany Elsaleh: My compassionate radiation oncologist