The Swisse Color Run

Swisse Color Run

In May of 2012, I reached the mystical five year mark, cured from an incurable cancer, it doesn’t get more miraculous than that.

In early November, I saw an ad for the Swisse Colour Run in Sydney. After watching the video clip of the event, I knew it was absolutely the PERFECT place to celebrate my five year milestone and life in all its colourful glory. I formed a team and signed up all my family! Then told them my team was called FOLLOW THE SUN, the name of an Evermore song which captures what i wanted to convey to my boys when I thought I might die and have to leave them.

I’m still here, and my boys are now 7 and 10! This was a chance to celebrate my survival and to pause and be grateful for all of the blessings in our lives. What a beautiful way to celebrate LIFE. The Colour Run in Sydney also happened to be two days after my 39th birthday, five years longer than I was told I would live.

I wish this feeling on everyone, I pray research brings a cure so all brain cancer patients can have something to celebrate.