Mamalai Mummas

Mamalai Mummas hit the tarmac!
Canberra Times Running Festival, 15 April 2012
Target $10,000 – Raised $10,660!

Team Members: Cathie Kennedy, Eleanor Dean, Catherine Russell, Madeleine Kaye, Mel Martin, Kate Thomas, Ruth Dewsbury, Naomi Dwyer, Lorna Monaghan, Bridget Quale, Jessica Baxter, Terri Ann Thomas, Chrissie Slocombe, Andy Slocombe, Sonia Taylor, David Amanda & Oliver Fintan, Tracey Bell, Melinda Smith, Cindy Dickson, Charlotte Adams, Jan Shaddock, Mercia Smith & me – thanks team!

And to Phil Pankhurst from Bora Building who generously sponsored our team shirts – thanks buddy ☺

Group/Family Emails


Hi peeps, you may or may not already know I'm entering the Australian Running Festival hahahaha - I know!


I do find it very amusing that I'm being promoted as part of a running festival! If they saw a photo of me at week 3 of Couch to 5km, i don’t think they would publish it, except maybe in the 'funnies'! Thanks everyone for getting on board, it's a big ask of us all.


Just to give a heads up, I was interviewed on WIN TV this morning! The segment was with a female cyclist doing the 21km and a man who regularly runs 50km marathons – hmmm, guess who looked like a short little couch potato – we had to walk towards the camera, stretch(!!) and each have individual interviews. Bloody hilarious –The things I do for Charlie!


A huge congratulations to everyone!! As Shania said "Looks like we made it!" We each got so much from the process of training and getting ready for our runs. Personal bests - not just distance and time wise - but on many other fronts.


On behalf of myself and all of us, I'd love to thank my dear friend Cathie for getting us all into our sneakers and onto the tarmac! Mamalai Mummas was your vision, your baby – you set the target and helped us meet it – even exceed it, $10,660 – wow! Between us and the four other teams raising funds for Cure Brain Cancer, we have raised around $26,000!

On a personal level, I need to send a special thanks to my 'running' partner Ruth - thanks so much for holding me up – emotionally and physically - with your humour and great company After seeing the photo in the paper when i told you i was feeling a little 'leany', I wasn’t wrong!!

Well done - champs one and all! Sarah xxx


Pretty exhausting, my feet were hitting the tarmac at a very strange angle and I finished a bit delirious and with a heck of a lean, but got there in the end! It's been 4 years since Kokoda, my last physical fundraising, and I think it will be at least another four until the next one – Charlie – you owe me a beer (make that a six pack)